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construction equipment repairs

Repairs done right the first time is a key element in customer satisfaction.

In order to help dealers with this work a leading manufacturers of construction equipment completed several “time-in-motion” studies on the elements of a technician's work day.

This study was done by observing dozens of dealer technicians at work over a period of five days.

See the results of the study below.

equipment repairs

As you can see from the chart the technician only has 50% of his/her time under their control to perform mechanical work.

The remaining time (or 4 hours) is “system driven” and not under the control of the technician.

Let’s look at the systems that must be in place to allow for a work to be completed properly.

Instructions: (5% of the technician’s time):

• I have seen where instructions to the technician are far too vague. The more specific the instructions to the technician are, the faster and more accurately the work will be performed.

• Instructions should not be “verbal” whenever possible.

• Written instructions must be specific

• Written instruction must be related to the system on the machine such as; electrical, hydraulic, structural, or power train, etc.

• You should not schedule more than 8 hours of work at a time for the technician.

This forces the technician to prepare a “service report” and review it with supervision on the progress and accuracy of the repair.

Tools, Equipment & Expendables Procurement: (11% of technician’s time)

• Tools, equipment and expendables (hardware, nuts, bolts, etc.) should be delivered to the work space for the technician.

This reduces the time in a repair.

Material Handling: (7% of technician’s time)

• Cranes, Lift Truck and other lifting devices must be accessible to complete the work in a timely manner.

Parts Procurement: (5% of technician’s time)

• Parts must be delivered to the technicians work space; this will increase the technician’s productivity.

• Parts should be ordered by the technician from a terminal in the work bays.

This eliminates writing and transposition errors.

Clerical Other Than Ordering Parts: (1% of technician’s time)

• Service Reports must be completed as soon as the work has been finished and reviewed by the supervisor.

Cleaning: (Cleaning Equipment and Parts – 5%; Cleaning Work Area – 3% of the technicians time)

• Cleaning Equipment and Parts must be done thoroughly in order to inspect failed Parts. This will improve the accuracy of the repair

• Cleaning the Work Space allows for and accurate and “Safe” environment in which to work.

If you examine the elements in a technician's typical 8 hour day you will find several opportunities to improve the system that supports the work being performed.

You will increase both the speed and accuracy of the work performed by your technicians.

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