The First Responders Team Provides Fast, Accurate Responses To Customer Orders, Requests And Inquiries!

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The First Responders team and what is it all about.

Fast, Accurate Response to Customer orders, requests and inquiries.

Customers told us they needed information from us that was fast, easily accessible and accurate so they could make decisions quickly about how their equipment was cared for.

The First Responder team was created by our dealership to address the customer need for this kind of information.

We started by creating a comprehensive book (a 3-ring binder) that was presented to each customer who purchased a new or used piece of equipment.

The Sales and Marketing department administered the production and publishing of the material in the book however, the Sales, Parts, and Service was responsible for providing all up to date information that went into the book.

It should be noted that we determined that multiple copies of this book must be provided to the customer.

The reason we provided multiple copies was that we discovered that in many cases this information was needed by several people who worked for our customer.

This includes the owner of the company, the maintenance supervisor, the field supervisor, the individual who ordered Parts, even the accounts payable supervisor.

It was interesting to see the team discovered that you actually have several customers within the customer that you must serve.

So what information was included in our First Responders book?

• A Thank You letter from our President for placing trust in our dealership by purchasing equipment from us.

This included a promise to provide the best service available to help control the Owning and Operating cost of the equipment.

• A copy of the business cards for all contact personnel including:

o Sales Manager

o Sales Representative

o Service Manager

o Parts Manager

o Finance Manager

o Parts and Service Representative

• A copy of the Warranty and/or Extended Warranty which was reviewed at presentation of the book.

• A copy of the Customer Support Agreement.

• A copy of the Parts, Service, and Operators manuals.

• All specifications sheet of the equipment being purchased.

• A listing of all branch location, their hours of operation, telephone numbers and a Google map to the location.

A copy of each customer’s book was provided to the First Responder team in an electronic file.

This allowed for immediate follow up to a customer inquiry with the most current information.

This also helped if there was a change or turn over in the team.

Our customers told us how much they appreciated the information in the book.

It was one of the most important reasons for repeat business and high levels of customer satisfaction.

First Responders will make a significant different to your business.
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